Simple Shapes Forest Animals Peel and Stick Wall Decals

  • Peel and Stick Reusable Wall Stickers. Use your walls and our Peel & Stick Wall Stickers as a learning tool! Each animal is its own sticker that your child can peel off and stick to the wall. You will love the fact that they can peel off and move the stickers around as they please. You can add additional sets of animals now or later when you feel the need to refresh your walls!

    Bear(approx): 12"w x 20"h
    Deer(approx): 13.5"w x 17"h
    Fox(approx): 12.5"w x 12"h
    Racoon(approx): 12"w x 12"h
    Rabbit(approx): 9"w x 16"h
    Hedgehog(approx):11"w x 8"h
    Squirrel(approx): 13"w x 9"h
    Owl(approx): 6"w x 8"h

    What's Included
    11 Animals 6 Mushrooms 2 Branches 2 Leaves 1 Bee 2 Flowers 2 Acorn


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