Weekly Eats - Taco Edition!

Who doesn't love a good Taco Tuesday? Or any kind of taco day if we are going to be honest! Tacos are the perfect family meal as each person can create their own taco masterpiece just the way they like it. Serve up a choice of corn and flour tortillas, savory meat, crunchy seasoned veggies, beans, jalapenos...the options are endless. Here are some delicious, Cinco de Mayo worthy taco recipes to try out for lunch or dinner this week. Use leftover fillings over rice for a perfect take to work meal the next day!

Side suggestions: Yellow, white or mexican rice- Black beans - Cabbage slaw - Guacamole - Salsa - Corn Salsa - Corn on the cob - Mexican Caesar salad

Drink suggestions: Sangria - Margarita - Mojito - all can be made with or without alcohol

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Tacos

From: Bevcooks. Very easy to make, and unbelievably flavorful!

Sriracha Grilled Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos

From: SavingDessert If you have never had a fish taco, you are missing out! This recipe can be a little spicy, but the sour cream and corn salsa cool it right down to a perfect flavorful taco.

Buffalo Shrimp Tacos

From: thecookierookie Perfect crispy popcorn shrimp make for a fun and delicious taco filling. The prepackaged shrimp make this so easy there is no reason to not try this recipe...and then keep on making it over and over!

Easy Rotisserie Chicken Tacos

From: afamilyfeast A quick and delicious dinner for busy families, and less mess to clean up!

Ground Beef Tacos

From: aseasyasapplepie The sky is the limit with these beauties. Add all your favorite toppings or maybe just a sprinkle of cheese. The gem in this recipe is the flavorful seasoned meat.

Chilie Lime Steak Tacos

From: allifemadesweeter Cook the steak on the grill or skillet with this family favorite. Tender marinated steak, tasty veggies & melting cheese are all a winner on taco night!

5 Ingrediant Vegan Tacos

From: loveandlemons A healthy and delicious option that was created by loveandlemons for a camping road trip!

Vegetarian Tacos

From: loveandlemons Healthy roasted veggies with a creamy avacado tomatillo sauce and she even includes a spicy margarita recipe! How could you go wrong?

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