Weekly Eats - Our Favorite Instapot Recipes!

Last year my sister in law insisted that we get an Instapot. Two working parents, multiple children, friends and family at any given meal, not a lot of time.....you get it. She swore up and down it was not a "scary" pressure pot from our childhood and that I would truly not believe what I could make with it.

Sounds dramatic, right? Well.....fast forward a few months and I will tell everyone who mentions the word dinner to get one. Stat. I thought it would be another fun appliance addition to my kitchen like the air fryer, or even my slow cooker. But instead, I have not turned on my oven in a while and my Instapot has become a staple on my counter nightly. This is the Instapot that I bought, it is a perfect size to feed 6+ people. Mine is 8qts and it is also available in 6qts and 3qts.

We tried a bunch of recipes and cool tricks with it (perfect hard-boiled eggs in 6 minutes), and have had one or two failures, but everything else has been a home run. In 10-30 minutes. For real. Some people who I mention it to say they do not have time when they get home from work to use it. I promise, you literally just throw the ingredients in there, close the lid and come back in the time it takes you to get changed out of your work clothes and go through the mail. And just like that you have a hot, delicious meal.

Here are our five top recipes that my family keeps asking for and I have made more than once since November. Next week I am going to try to make desserts in it - Molten Lava Cake and Creme Brule for starters. I will let you know how it turns out!

Bang Bang Chicken from Domestic Superhero

Spicy and sweet, I have made tacos, served over rice and burritos with this amazing recipe. The sauce is one of the easiest I have ever made and is so yummy! The rice can be cooked in the pot or out, your preference. Prep and cook time - 11 minutes.

Chicken Burrito Bowls from Damn Delicious

This one is a favorite with my kids, the chicken is so tender, you can make it as spicy or mild as you like and the leftovers are perfect for microwaving and making a burrito after school! Prep and cook time - 20 minutes.

Mac and Cheese from Spend With Pennies

A creamy, cheesy pot of macaroni? Yes please! Serve as a main or a side, you will fall in love with this easy mac and cheese. Prep and cook time: 16 min

Honey Garlic Chicken from Diet Hood

This one requires that you sear the chicken for a few minutes (in the Instapot - it really is a magical machine). It is well worth it, I have also made it with chicken breasts, and it was perfect! Prep and cook time - 25 minutes.

Beef and Broccoli from Sweet and Savory Meals

We have made this four times, and I steam the broccoli in the microwave as we like it on the crispier side. It will be a little softer if made by the recipe. I made this for a party and it was a big hit. It has a touch of heat to it, which I normally do not think of when it comes to beef and broccoli, but it works! Prep and cook time - 30 min.

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