Weekly Eats - Best Spring Pasta Dishes

In our house, if there’s one dish that can make just about everyone happy it’s pasta. While the kids would prefer it to be homemade macaroni and cheese every night, as long as it’s pasta – they don’t complain (too much).

Now that spring is here, I’ve been changing up the recipes from the comforting winter pasta dishes that we love to those that are lighter and fresher for the season.

Additionally, much to the dismay of my children, when spring rolls around, I feel the need to incorporate a few more vegetables into our meals – and this includes the pasta dishes. I’ll be 100% honest…initially, they balked at all the vegetables. But, after consistent encouragement, they’ve learned to try the vegetables – and some they even like! (So, keep trying if you have kids who are currently anti-vegetable!)

Here are a few of the spring pasta dishes that are currently in our menu rotation!

Chicken Mozzarella Spring Pasta

If you’re looking for a dish to transition you from the cold winter months to the warmer spring months, then you have to try this one. With pasta sauce, bacon, and mozzarella cheese, it brings in some of the traditional comfort food flavors we love from winter, but the addition of peas, asparagus, and green onions helps to make it a spring dish.

Dump-and-Bake Spring Pasta

This dish is super yummy! And super easy! It incorporates some of my favorite shortcuts – rotisserie chicken and pasta that you don’t have to boil before throwing it all together! You can put it together in 10 minutes, and 45 minutes later you’ll have a healthy pasta dinner you’ll feel good about.

One-Pot Whole-Wheat Spring Pasta with Asparagus, Peas and Parmesan

I’m attracted to easy-to-make dishes, so words like “one-pot” always seem to catch my attention. That’s exactly how Shelley at Two Healthy Kitchens got me to try this recipe. The fewer dishes – the better! Of course, with peas and asparagus – you definitely feel like you’re tasting spring. Also, if you’re looking to make this a one-pot meal, you can easily add some shredded chicken or chicken sausage. I’ve tried both, and the additional protein makes it a complete meal!

Simple Spring Pasta

With minimal ingredients and the fresh flavors of cherry tomatoes and asparagus, this Simple Spring Pasta is often served as a side in our house. I think it pairs well with a steak or grilled chicken and the kids love to add a generous spoonful of parmesan to theirs.

Spring Ham and Asparagus Lemon Cream Pasta

I was looking for a dish to use up leftover Easter ham when I found this dish by Cariann over at Oh, Sweet Basil. I figured, “How could it go wrong?” I was going to be able to use up some of the ham I had, and this recipe has my children’s favorite pasta – Orecchiette. It was a smash hit! The fresh lemon juice and zest add some brightness that combats the heavy cream – making it not feel heavy at all.

With Simple Spring Pasta on the menu this week, I’m off to the opening of our farmers’ market this afternoon. I’m hoping that I can find fresh asparagus there and support some of our local growers.

Let me know if you try one of these dishes or if you have a spring pasta dish you love! New recipes help everyone!

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