Top 10 Craft Kits for Kids 2018

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Children are creative by nature, once you find something that interests them the next challenge is finding an appropriate craft kit they will love. Our older boys loved science kits, anything that would grow (like rock candy), and generally anything messy like moon sand. Our daughter loved to draw and learned embroidery and knitting. The little one is interested in literally anything we put in front of him. Building, cooking, glitter crafts (he takes after me on that one :)....he will try anything once.

Creating something on their own builds confidence and opens their minds to new things to try. It also teaches them to take pride in their work and can open up so many conversations about how things are made and why.

We have partnered with Craftsy to showcase our top ten picks for project kits for kids and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

For 6 and up, this sweet embroidery kit comes with everything pictured. I am in love with the giraffe's tail! When your child is done making them, you can frame them in a shadowbox on zoo-themed paper and be sure to have them sign and

date it.

3 Birds Big Stitch Safari Friends Embroidery Kit

How fun for the kids to have their own cooking tools and some recipe cards to help out in the kitchen! Kids love to help with cooking, and this kit makes it a snap to measure, mix and serve up their creations. There are add-on kits as well for pizza-making and baking.

MasterChef Junior Cooking Essentials Set

For the beginner sewer and monster-lover, this kit has five projects included. Create colorful and fun monsters to play with when they are done.

Sew a Little Monster Family Kit

We hung a birdhouse in our front yard and it has brought us so much joy. To watch the cardinals and bluejays and little sparrows come and hang out all day has been really fun. Have your little ones use this kit to make their own birdhouse, complete with a rooftop terrace!

Make Your Own Birdhouse Kit

How adorable is this patch kit! I can think of so many pieces of clothing, bags and blankets we could use this on. Embellish jeans, backpacks, jackets and more. Recommended for 8 and up, the added bonus is they also learn basic sewing skills.

DIY Sew On Patch Kit

This kit is a win-win for children of all ages. It comes with 1250+ items to create away with and has a sturdy carrying case which make clean up a snap. Keep them busy for hours with this imaginative kit. eaches patience, concentration and planning skills. This kit is for ages 6 and up,- which I think is a great age to start as they need to be able to maneuver the knitting needles.

Jump Into Knitting Kit

This kit is a win win for children of all ages. It comes with 1250+ items to create away with and has a sturdy carrying case which make cleanup a snap. Keep them busy for hours with this imaginative kit.

Arts & Crafts Haul Bundle

This kit is for the child that enjoys cause and effect. Building a circuit board teaches electricity, current and voltage with over 100 different projects. Engage their minds and start your engineer off early!

Circuit Builder Kit 115

Doodle, write a story, jot down thoughts.....journals are a great place for your child to safely express themselves. With over 250 pages, it is chock full of markers, stickers and decorative tape for your child to really make this their own.

Design Your Own Journal Kit

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of chemistry with Professor Maxwell’s 4D lab. Learn basic chemistry in augmented reality through 10 interactive projects, hands-free AR goggles, a book of experiments and more.

Learn Chemistry in 4D

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