Spectacular Kids Party Inspiration!

Throwing your little one a birthday party is your time to create something magical for them and your guests. With endless options, themes and shopping resources to put together a Instagram worthy bash, your first step should be choosing a location and a theme. Having a party in your home is probably the most ideal and cost effective option, especially if it is a warmer month or climate as you have your yard to add into the mix.

Having it out is also great if that is an option for you, but in my opinion you cannot always personalize it the way you could at home. I was surprised to find when my children were little that many places that "host" birthday parties based on you participating or purchasing an item they will make for your group did not have anywhere to even serve a cake!

Photo from @festejandononordeste

There are many popular themes to consider, some timeless ones like dinosaurs, princesses, super heroes, legos and cars. But there have been some really fun ones that were stand outs from this past year like unicorns, llamas, sloths, spas & ice cream shops! It doesn't always need to be a toy or tv/movie theme (although those are pretty cool as well) like pokemon or shopkins. Sometimes just picking a color theme and going all out creates a beautiful backdrop for photos and activities. And lets talk about balloons. If you have searched for any party ideas lately you will see balloons are no longer just for tying on the back of chairs. I have seen some really creative displays with balloons that will blow your mind! Add in a few activities for the kids, yummy finger foods, and a dessert table and you have yourself a party!

Below are some amazing party inspiration photos, and be sure to check out our design inspiration galleries for more decor and design ideas for kids!

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