Need Extra Storage? Look Under the Bed!

Storage is at a premium in our house. Four kids, 2 adults and just never enough room. I always try to purge and give away as much as we can before the holidays but it never seems to be enough to make room for the new items coming in! And with college aged kids and a toddler, we have storage issues literally everywhere. With my aversion to clutter, stuffed closets and drawers, there was only one last place to look.

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Under the beds.

Most twin and full beds can accommodate a trundle. If the beds are not high enough, see if your frame has a higher setting to leave about 10" of room to slide the trundle out and in easily. Be sure to adjust if there is a carpet as well.

Trundles are sometimes available from the manufacturer of the bed, or you can purchase a universal trundle, or even make your own. Here is a really easy tutorial from HGTV to build one. Pottery Barn Kids makes a sturdy one that fits most of their beds called Catalina.

Trundles are designed to fit a standard twin mattress and are very functional if you need extra sleeping areas regularly. I personally do not need that, so the option of four beds with a huge drawer of storage space was much more appealing.

Here are my top five items going into the extra space:

Blankets. Winter blankets, summer quilts, throws, extra sheets and pillowcases. Items that just overwhelm your linen closet with their bulk. And how much easier to change the beds and have the replacement literally within reach!

Sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets. All big oversized items that take up shelf spaces, are no match for most dresser drawers and even hung up, take up too much space. So under the bed they go.

Shoes. Shoe boxes are a perfect fit in a trundle and you can rotate them in and out as needed per season.

Board games/Puzzles and Toys. Insert dividers or low plastic bins to keep toys separated. And the best part is you can just slide it back under the bed and its all cleaned up!

Train table. This by far is my favorite, as we have had rotating train tables through our house for 15 years. They are big and take up a lot of space in the room. This is the perfect solution, and there is plenty of room to build a large track and have storage left over.

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