Movie Night Themed Kids Party!

Coming up with the latest and greatest birthday party themes is tough. There are plenty of places to have your child's party out, but they can feel impersonal and can cost way more than you were expecting to spend! Having a summer backyard party is a great option with tons of activities for the kids to do, but what about the winter/fall/chilly spring birthdays? 15 kids running around your house playing pin the tail on the donkey isn't going to cut it. And you want the kids to have fun but not use your house as a jungle gym as well. A movie night themed party is the perfect solution!

First choose a movie with your child that is fun and exciting and will keep their attention. Then have the kids come over, get everyone settled in with pizza, popcorn, drinks and snacks. Move all the furniture back and throw some pillows and blankets on the floor, or set up little tables for them. Dim the lighting, turn on the movie and enjoy! After the movie, have cake, ice cream, some cute movie themed treats and a fun time will be had by all!

There are a lot of ideas and printables you can get to keep the cost down on decorating for your movie party. Start with invitations, movie themed tags, personalized signs and then some black, red and white balloons to complete the decor. Make the goodie bags in cardboard popcorn buckets with little "That's a Wrap" thank you cards. Here are some cute ideas that are cost effective and you can buy or diy them. And have fun!!

Kids Decorating Ideas

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