How to Choose the Correct Size Chandelier for Your Room

A chandelier can be a showstopping addition to your room, but the wrong size can either overwhelm or get lost in the room.

Lets start with the width of the chandelier. The very best advice we have learned and used over the years is a simple math equation. Add the dimensions of the room (the width and length, not height) and change the solution over to inches. For example, if your room is 15'x15' then you change 30 feet to 30 inches and that should be the width of your chandelier.

10'x10' room = 20" chandelier

12'x12' room = 24" chandelier

14'x14' room = 28" chandelier

Now for the height of the chandelier. Your chandelier should be at least 6 1/2 feet from the ground, and for each additional foot in ceiling height you can move it up an additional 3 inches. If you are hanging pendant lights above night stands or a counter, allow 30" to 34" from the height of the table.

A few chandelier tips:

  1. Be sure to follow the correct wattage instructions for your lighting fixture.

  2. If you find that chandelier shades are directing the light or dimming the bulbs in a unflattering manner, try them without the shades.

  3. There are many options for decorative bulbs and sleeves to dress up your chandelier without the use of shades. If you do not like the look of the chain with the electrical cord wired through it, try a silk cord cover.

Be sure to check out more lighting tips and shopping guides over at our friends at 1800Lighting, they have tons of how to advice and lighting shopping guides.

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