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Here we are at the beginning of January. Again. The same promises I made to myself the past few years keep coming back around. I will take better care of myself, I will keep my house perfectly clean, I will have more patience, I will stop working to take some time to play with the kids.....the list to better myself can go on and on. And I try, which is all that matters right?

Last year I did take some steps to take better care of me. Previous attempts to cold turkey stop sugar, wine and carbs failed over and over. It is hard to cook "normal" meals for a family and eat a salad! So I gently over the course of last year tweaked our families way of eating.

I cut back on cream sauces, added more veggies, made water our kids main drinks instead of juice and iced tea. I cook 6 days a week now instead of ordering pizza and Chinese and that adjustment was by far my biggest challenge of all.

I like to cook. But cooking takes time. Time to plan what you are making, time to shop for ingredients, time to cook. Time is on short supply over here, as it is in many homes. Work, activities, appointments, house chores, there is just never enough time. So I started planning out my weeks on Saturday morning and shopping on Sunday. I always had made a shopping list and went shopping every week, but was very unorganized about it. I would just buy food not having a solid plan of what I was going to make with it. So then I would be overwhelmed and exhausted trying to come up with something everyday. Now I take a little me time and have some fun going all over the internet finding new healthy recipes to cook. In doing so I have found a lot of blogs and recipe sites that I share below (and will keep sharing) that keep me coming back for more.

I have also purchased a instapot, which has not only cut way back on cooking time, but cleaning time! Much like the crockpot, many dishes can be a one pot deal, so there are not multiple pots and pans to clean up. I rave about my instapot, mostly because of how tender the meat is in it. And cooked in 12 minutes. Enough time to make a salad and veggie on the side if you do not like all your food cooked together (which a few of our kids do not).

We will be starting a weekly feature on Saturdays that highlight some of the recipes I have found and made and hopefully can save you some time in your busy day as I have.

Here are a few of my favorite sites for you to check out. We are not affiliated with any of these sites in anyway, I just truly enjoy them and hope you will too! - I found Lindsay's blog about 6 months ago and keep on coming back to see what she made now! My first recipe was this one: and my ENTIRE family was literally licking their plates. And her blog is pretty adorable as well. - I found Lee looking for healthy Instapot meals and I am so glad I did. Last night I made Moroccan Chicken and it was amazing! This site has a lot of healthy options, I can get lost in it for hours. Healthy mind and body reads as well! - I found Kristen looking for gluten free options for family members visiting last year and she had them and more! She is a mom who gets the chaos and just keeps dolling out fabulous recipes and tips and tricks to live a healthier, happier life!

Check back on Saturday morning for a weeks full of recipes and more foodie blogs for you to enjoy! Until then, make sure you take some time for yourself. Even if it's ten minutes. I promise, it is a great start for a happier, healthier you!

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