Hardwood Peel and Stick Wall Planks

Ever want one of those amazing wood wall plank accent walls? Have the perfect space for it but just do not want to drag out all the tools, measure and cut every board...make a giant mess....

We have found the perfect solution! Roommates Hardwood Peel and Stick Wall Planks! Available in a dozen colors and finishes, and of course includes the very popular Shiplap.

Construction of these wall planks is one of a kind in the industry, starting with a hardwood top layer, a fiber core, and hardwood veneer top coat to create a firm plank. They have the look and feel of solid wood, yet they are lightweight and guaranteed not to crack. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth and they are flexible for an even easier installation.

Perfect for behind the crib or your child's bed, a playroom wall or even your living room or office, these peel and stick Wall Planks can transform your space without all the messy install. Each box has 20 planks and covers 20.3 sq ft. So leave your tools where they are and head on over to Roommates Decor to check out their incredible selection of Hardwood Wall Planks today. Free shipping on all orders over $50!

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