Getting Organized in the New Year

For some people organization comes naturally. Everything has its place and always seems to be there. It seems streamlined and effortless to organize multiple people with meals, activities, work and shopping needs. I am NOT one of those people. If I do not start my day with a detailed list of what needs to be accomplished my day can really go downhill fast. Add kids and a spouse into the mix and if your not organized something is bound to be overlooked. In this age of tech, phones and tablets have amazing calendar and scheduling apps, which I do use, but for family planning, I like to have a planner or calendar the whole family can see and utilize.

There are several ways to go about this. A planner book that the whole family can update and check in on is an option. Keep it in a central location the whole family will use (like the kitchen) and pick a time like Sunday dinner to have everyone update for the week. The key with that is having the whole family participate. I had better luck running my own daily planner with shopping lists and coupons that I could toss in my bag and take with me. Then for the family we have a large dry erase calendar that is in our kitchen. Our kids seemed much more prone to jotting down practices and after school activities on that, as well as cute notes and drawings.

However you lay out the families activities I promise you will have less stress in your day knowing the what, when and where for everyone. Being organized can improve your health, lead to better eating habits (not grabbing dinner in a drive thru as much) and leave you clear headed to be more efficient in all areas of your life.

If it seems overwhelming, try to organize one aspect of your life at a time. Plan meals for the week. Then a cleaning schedule/chore chart. Work and school activities next. A little goes a long way when simplifying your days!

Here is a list of our top ten family planners:

  1. Goldistock -"Mom's Family Planner" Eco-Friendly 2019 Large Wall Calendar

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  3. 2019 Mom's Family Planner Wall Calendar

  4. Weekly Dry Erase Board Calendar Stain Resistant Technology Magnetic Whiteboard Organizer Planner for Refrigerator

  5. Weekly Dry Erase Meal Planner Board Calendar Fridge Magnet

  6. Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer: A One-Stop Planner for Busy Moms

  7. 2019 Amy Knapp's Family Organizer

  8. Ultimate Family Planner 2019 12 x 12 Inch Monthly Square Wall Calendar

  9. More Time Moms 2019 Family Organizer Wall Calendar

  10. Large Scroll Dry Erase Peel and Stick Calendar

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