Fun and Easy Kids Holiday Party Crafts

It's that time of year for elementary school holiday parties and suddenly you find yourself in charge of the crafts! If you're like me, I can be crafty but the thought of taking charge of 20 plus little ones and having them all make a successful craft overwhelms me a little. You want to be sure they all have something cute to take home and that it as stress free as possible. These can also all be used at a kids home holiday party/playdates, cousin cookie exchanges, Christmas Eve to keep the little ones busy and even for a December birthday party! Here are a few of my favorites that are adorable and easy to do. Enjoy!

I saw this in the classroom across from our littlest and thought what a great idea! The teacher said they had a lot of fun and the kids loved them. Each one was unique and special for each child. It requires some adult assistance to finish these up so make sure you have some help.

Head on over to Fireflies and Mudpies for the adorable tutorial

The Glitter...oh how I love glitter! So many color options with the ribbons......and did I mention the glitter :) In our house we have a "kids" tree and we love to add their homemade ornaments to it every year. These are simple, sweet and a perfect school craft as they do not take a very long time to do. The kids will need some guidance, if you are able to do one at the same time as them that should be all they need to get these sparkly beauties done in no time.

Head on over to Fireflies and Mudpies for the tutorial

Fill them with bells or space them out, the choice is theirs with this simple and fun Jingle Bell ornament craft. Using just two items, Fuzzy sticks and bells, it does not get easier than this! They will come jingling all the way home with this one :)

Head on over to The Joys of Boys for the tutorial

They will all need a bag to bring their party goodies home in and these delightful reindeer bags will do the trick. Have everything cut out prior to the party and they will go together in a snap. I replaced ours with googly eyes which was a big hit!

Head on over to Party Delights for the tutorial

Just in case you have kids that do not want to make a craft, or do not have the time during your party to make one, here is a really cute idea for a game. Be prepared for some noise as a room full of elementary kids can get pretty rowdy during this one :)

Head on over to Moms and Munchkins for the free Printable

Happy Holidays!!

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