Designing A Kids Bathroom

It is a really wonderful thing when you do not have to share a bathroom with your children! You have the opportunity to create a bath that is functional for their needs, and the decor can be fun, bright and funky! Kids also have different needs that your bathroom does not. If you have ever had to step over or move a step stool daily you know what I am talking about! A bathroom should be a comfortable place that is clean, uncluttered and functional.

But a kids bathroom is also where you can decorate to your hearts content, even switch it up for holidays and seasons and really have some fun with it! Neutral walls are a great start, for as your children grow, you can change the decor to match their age without having to repaint. Then you take your blank canvas and get to decorating!

First choose a theme or color scheme. Then start with a fun shower curtain and matching towels and mats. I love this idea from that gives each child their own towel hook. If you have little ones and lots of tub toys, a cute trick is to hang two shower curtains so they close with pretty folds of fabric and all is hidden! If you do not like the look of clutter in your tub, try a toy caddy or bucket that you can tuck into your linen closet.

Make sure you have plenty of accessible storage for towels, soap and toilet paper. Kids should be able to reach them safely and easily. Maybe a basket with rolled towels tucked next to the bath? Or a drawer in the sink cabinet for just their bath supplies?

Have a girl and boy sharing the bath? If you have room, give each one their own space, and add some personal touches. Have them paint a few tiles you can incorporate onto the walls, or paint the walls behind their sinks with chalkboard paint, allowing them to make it their own. Adding a fun mirror and knobs to the vanity can instantly change the look of the room. Think about painting the vanity as well, you can always switch the color when they get older.

Wall decals are a great way to add color and design to a bathroom, they are durable and will hold up with the moisture. And you can easily switch them out as your children grow.

Wallpaper is also a great idea, easy to use peel and stick wallpaper goes up in a snap and their are some really cute designs to choose from!

However you design your kids bath, have some fun with it. They are only little once!

Kids Decorating Ideas

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