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Okay…let’s talk toys. Are they taking over your home? Do you dread walking into your child’s room because they just seem to be everywhere? Does it drive you just a little crazy to see them scattered all about? It’s okay…you can say, “Yes!!”

We want our children to have lots of toys that they can play and be creative with – but we also want the toys to have a “home” when they’re not being used. And, while there are all sorts of cool storage solutions out there, one of the key things that I look for when it comes to toy storage is: Can my child easily put the toys into the container?

That’s right. I don’t want toy storage that means I need to do the picking up. No heavy covers to be lifted. No difficult cupboards to open. No knobs that need to be twisted. It has to be easily accessible so that my son can pick up his toys and put them away. After all, picking up toys is probably one of the first chores we teach our children.

If you’re looking for some toy storage that can be used to hide away all of the stuffed animals, trucks and whatever else happens to be the favorite toy at the moment – then take a look at these!

Storage Baskets

There’s nothing better than a large storage basket for toy storage. With a large open top, kids can quickly and easily drop their toys in the basket – making clean up a snap. And today’s baskets are colorful and stylish, and you can definitely find some that will fit with your child’s room décor. Check out the cotton rope baskets from Solaya, the Skipper Baskets at Lulu and Georgia, and the tassel basket by CherryNow.

Book Racks

We must have close to a hundred books at our house – and that’s not an exaggeration. Every time I go to sort through the books and think that it’s time to get rid of a few, I find that my son has pulled one out that I thought he was done with – and I just can’t get rid of it. (Do you ever really outgrow “The Hungry Caterpillar”?) So, we keep them. That’s why the book rack is so important. We love this one with the dragon, but they also make the same rack with a lion, elephant or owl. Your child can easily drop the books into the pockets – and get them out, too!

Stuffed Animal Storage

Stuffed animals get their own special section when it comes to storage as we seem to have an overabundance of them. At first, they were doing just fine living life on the bed, but soon a few stuffed animals turned into an entire zoo, and I wondered what we were going to do with them all. Here are my two favorite solutions when it comes to corralling the stuffed animals: a hammock or cage.

The MiniOwls Toy Storage Hammock is great and holds a TON of stuffed animals. You can anchor it low on the wall in your child’s bedroom so they can easily put their stuffed animals away and it looks really cute when it’s chocked full of critters.

Then there’s this adorable zoo “cage” that is just the sweetest. It comes in many colors, and you can even customize it with your child’s name! And won’t all the stuffed toys look so nice when they’re back at the “zoo”?

Don’t let the toy clutter get you down – just find some great storage! Storage that is both stylish and easy for your child to use!

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