Best Board Games for Kindergarteners

Board games are an easy way to get your kids away from their electronics! They are affordable, and keeping a stash of different games around ensures there will always be something to play. They not only promote family time, but can really challenge a young child's mind in problem solving and learning to play by the rules.

We love board games. Card games, dice name it and our family will try it. Munchkin, Apples to Apples and Catan are favorites with the teens, and this year we focused on age appropriate games for our kindergartner. For Christmas he was given some new ones so of course we had to try them all! Here are some of our favorites and why we love them!

Race to the Treasure

This game was new for us, it is a cooperative game, meaning one person or several people can play and you are all on the same team. You against the Ogre!

Pros: being on the same team - the games are quick and are different every time - no reading involved - problem solving skills taught with the map building - box is sturdy and has the instructions printed in the box

Pop the Pig

This game is a race to try to pop the pigs belt open! You win if you are the last one to feed him.

Pros: Simple to play with colors and numbers, no reading required. - cleans up and stores easily.

Life Junior

There are no children or getting a job in this cute younger version of Life. Collect stars as you drive around the board to win!

Pros: the very best part about this game are the action cards that challenge players to complete instructions to earn stars - consider using dice instead as the spinner is not attached and spins off easily

Guess Who

Keep guessing features to solve what character your opponent has!

Pros: teaches logical deduction to reach conclusions


Race to the finish without being sabotaged! A really cute game that keeps their attention.

Pros: teaches problem solving and planning - games take 10-15 minutes - cards are numbered so there is no reading involved


This game is for 7 and up, but our 5 year old did not have too much difficulty with it once he learned the rules.

Pros: compact cases that close and are easy to store - teaches thinking ahead and planning skills

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