All You Need to Decorate Your Gender Reveal Party!

Gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular in the last 10 years or so, making it a really fun way to announce if your new little bundle of joy is a boy or a girl. Some people use it as a birth announcement, now that technology can let you know as early as 10 weeks what kind of baby you have on board.

Some combine it as part of their baby shower, but most people want to get it out there if they are sharing the gender, it makes sense to get gender appropriate gifts. So lets start with the invitations. They should have both blue and pink and a cute saying like the one on this invitation "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - How We Wonder What You Are?" The party is usually a more casual affair, like a backyard bbq or intimate family gathering, so here is your chance to let guests know if you want certain attire or if it is a pool party...etc...

The invitation will most likely end up in your babies book, so take your time and make sure you work with the invitation designer to get what you want.

Most of your decor will be pink and blue, but there are so many options for cute interactive decor for your guests. This chalkboard can have your guests voting for their guess and you can have a contest on the old wives tale question board for which guest gets the most right.

Have a basket out with some pins or stickers to have your guests choose, then have them separate on either side of the room before the reveal so they can cheer extra loud if they "win" :)

There are several ways to announce your babies gender other than a cake. But this will require someone knowing so they can order the correct color! Find someone you trust and choose one of these fun ideas: Push Poppers (great for a restaurant where they may not want confetti everywhere), Confetti Balloon or a Confetti Cannon!

If you do have to trust a friend or family member with the news, this shirt is a must have!

If you have a small intimate party or a huge gathering, the most important part is to have fun! Your little baby will be coming soon and this is the time to savor every moment of your experience. Be sure to document everything with photos so you can add them to your baby book and a photo collage on their first birthday.

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