5 Storage Options for the Nursery

When you have a baby one of the most exciting things to plan and shop for is all the goodies associated with having a baby. Linens, clothing, toys, books, diapering items.....sometimes it is an overwhelming amount of stuff for such a little person! Organization is key when it comes to storing everything you need while keeping with the flow and design of your nursery. From shelving units to toy boxes, here are some options to see what will work best with your room.

Storage Bins and Baskets - baskets and bins are a cute visual to tuck away smaller items like toys and books. Smaller baskets can be used on the changing table to corral all your diapering needs. Need extra storage? Use some wide low baskets to slide under the crib and bed.

Such adorable storage bins! Picture credit @bedintheclouds

Closets and Hampers -When your kids are little make sure to utilize every inch of their closet space. You do not need expensive designer set ups, there are so many affordable DIY options in Home Depot and Lowes. If you already have shelving in your closet, maximize the space by adding an extra level of hanging bars or get bins to fit each shelf unit to contain smaller items like bibs, blankets and socks.

Photo Credit @for.the.love.of.greige

Shelving Units - No extra space in the nursery? My last little one was tucked into a 10' x 10' space and between the crib, glider and dresser/changing table there was little space for storage. So we utilized the walls with shelves. Not over the crib, but everywhere else I tucked books and keepsakes and small wicker baskets. It worked out perfectly and it helped contain any clutter. If you have room, shelving units are pieces that will grow with your child, they will always have something special to organize and display. Be sure to invest in a study unit with a anti tip kit.
Photo credit to @pretty.playful.styling - take a minute to check out her gorgeous instagram!

Toy Boxes - Toy boxes are a lifesaver if you are anything like (ocd :) me and cannot handle the clutter. Long gone are the days of huge plastic toy boxes taking up a chunk of your living room. Canvas and painted wood boxes are high on my list, and think about getting them customized with your child's name or theme. Fit them into your family living space by getting one that matches your decor and style. The options are endless!

Having children means having stuff.....and lots of it. Contain it in style!!

Photo Credit to @the_mindful_designer

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