5 Items Your Playroom Needs

A playroom is essential for so many reasons. It gives your children an area to thrive and play that is designed just for them. It gets their toys (clutter :) out of your living space. There is somewhere designated for kids to go during play-dates and holiday parties. And a playroom does not need to be an entire room in your house. If you have the extra space and can do that, that is wonderful! But if you do not, find a nook, a corner of a room and you would be amazed at what you can do. At the very least you have a designated spot for the toys, books and games to go back to at the end of the day.

Here are our 5 top items for designing a play-space, big or small!

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This one is the most important. A shelving unit (with our without doors) can hold games, puzzles, baskets and larger toys. Going against the wall, you free up so much space for play. Just be sure to follow manufacturers directions to anchor a unit to the wall. My daughter could scale anything by 2 and it would not be unusual to find her on top of furniture daily! Baskets are also great for stuffed animals, books and smaller toys. They can be tucked around the playroom and look cute while also providing function.

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Table and Chairs.

Drawing, legos, snack time.....the uses are endless. When they get into kindergarten you will have a space for homework with all their supplies already there. There are tons of affordable options that can always be painted when they start to show signs of wear.

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Reading space.

A small comfy chair or beanbag with a supply of books next to it give your child a space to relax and unwind. And learn. Can't forget about the learning! I am not a huge fan of TV's or game consoles in the playroom when they are young, kids seem to have so much electronic stimulation everywhere they go, but not enough books.

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A tent, teepee or playhouse.

A little space that is all theirs can be a magical wonderland of creating memories and endless adventures.

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Open play area with a really cool rug.

Have space for them to get down on the floor and play with their toys. Build castles with blocks, create roadways and towns. Have a tea party with their friends and dolls. There are so many beautiful, functional and durable rugs that have cute towns and scenes on them that you can incorporate into your playroom and become part of their playtime.

Most importantly, have fun creating their space, make it special for you and them. A place where you all want to play a board game or snuggle in a read a book. Happy decorating!!

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