12 Adorable and Affordable Valentine Gifts for Kids

Valentines day is coming up and it is historically known as a day of love for you and your partner. But when you become a parent, or an aunt or uncle, you want to share that love with the little's! It is one of my favorite things on Valentines Day to leave a little treat for the kids with their breakfast, and send them to school with a heart note in their lunch. And the gift does not have to be candy! I like to give a little something they can use again, and have as a reminder of how much we love them.

Here are 12 cute affordable gift ideas kids will love!

Personalized Name Bracelet

Valentine Party Box

Fuzzy Sock Cupcakes

Tie Dyed Heart Shirt

Personalized Gift Baskets

Valentine Mailbox

Personalized Plush Animals

Personalized Valentine Pajamas

Valentine Plushies

Valentine Soap Popsicles

Custom Sticker Valentine Mailbox

Personalized Tumbler

Kids Decorating Ideas

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