10 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

When you receive an invitation to a baby shower, you probably immediately start thinking about what great gift you’re going to buy. After all, baby gifts are just so cute! And yes, there’s most likely a baby registry full of gifts that the mom-to-be needs and wants, but sometimes it’s fun to bring something a bit more unique.

I often try to buy one gift from the registry and then include something that may not have been on the list. It’s my personal mission to find a unique gift for the baby (or the mom) and watch the mom’s face break out into a big smile because she appreciates the thoughtfulness.

If you’ve been invited to a baby shower and you want to pick up something unique for the baby or mom – here are ten ideas!

1. Baby Keepsake Box

I’m not the type of mom who did very well at keeping a baby book up-to-date, and I’m definitely not a scrap booker. So, when I saw this baby keepsake box – I was head-over-heels in love with it – because I have mom friends just like me. I love all the folders and boxes where a new mom can easily put items that are important to her – without being restricted to a baby book.

2. Sweet Dream Wish Bottle

This sweet dream wish bottle is perfect for writing little notes to a child – or wishes for a child – that can be read later in life. I love the idea of giving the bottle to a child when they graduate or get married – or even have a child of their own.

3. Baby Sleeping Sign

If you’ve ever had trouble getting your child down for a nap only to have the doorbell ring – which then wakes the baby – you know the importance of this sign. Hopefully, the new mom can avoid this problem when she hangs this from her front door.

4. Baby Nail Clipper

Baby nails grow and need to be clipped often, but it sure can be a nerve-racking job. This baby nail clipper is really an electric nail file – making the job of cutting nails much easier and safer.

5. Universal Baby Travel Bag

This bag acts as a changing table, diaper bag, and bassinet all-in-one! Mom won’t have to worry about where to put her baby down for a nap when she travels with this great gift!

6. Sight & Sound Sleep Soother

Not all babies are good sleepers. Sometimes they need a little extra help with relaxing, and this sleep soother can help. It plays white noise, lullabies, or nature sounds, all while projecting images on to the wall to help a baby learn to fall asleep.

7. Monthly Baby Stickers

Photos are a must when you have a new baby. And monthly photos during the first year are just the sweetest! ModishCC has all sorts of monthly stickers to chronicle a baby’s first year. You’ll definitely find a style that fits the new mom and dad!

8. Baby Milestone Blanket

This baby milestone blanket is great because it can be used to document days, weeks, months, or years! Love it!

9. Birth Bag Essential Oil Rollerballs

Of course, you can always get the mom-to-be a present, too! These essential oil rollerballs are fantastic for the hospital bag and will be appreciated during labor. Be sure to check out the essential oils that are available for new moms, infants, and toddlers, too!

10. New Mom Wine Labels

There are bound to be some trying days and nights when the baby comes home. So, like a good friend – give her wine! These cute labels can be placed on her favorite bottle of wine and commemorate making it through some of those mommy milestones.

Next time you receive an invitation to a baby shower – remember this list! Your friend will love that you took the time to pick up something unique for her little bundle of joy.

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